Solve your coding problems with a coach. Save 10 hours per week.

In 1-on-1 coaching calls, I’ll help you solve your problems within minutes. Let’s 10x your speed of learning to code!

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5 out of 5 stars

“I could have learned to code without Niklas but I would be 6 months behind where I am today.”

Portrait of Henry Johnson, founder of iziGift
Henry Johnson
Founder and CEO of iziGift, previously Sales Executive at Oracle

Develop faster

Develop faster, save 10h/week

2 hours of weekly coaching saves my clients 10 hours per week. This is how you will save time when working with me:

Screenshot of the iziGift Shopify gift card app by my client Henry Johnson
iziGift, Shopify app by my client Henry Johnson
  • Implementing features faster. I will guide you through implementing new features, reducing the time spent on research and trial and error. Sometimes, we will implement features together on a call. Other times, we will lay out a step-by-step plan for you to implement them yourself. In any case, we’ll solve the hard parts together.
  • Fixing bugs quickly. Together, we will rapidly fix any bugs you are facing. During 15 years of coding, I’ve nailed down processes for resolving bugs quickly. I will teach you those processes and you will soon be able to fix evermore challenging bugs on your own.
  • Getting you unstuck. Whenever you feel stuck and do not know how to approach a problem, I will guide you to a solution. I will help you come up with ideas and will point you into the right direction when necessary. No more banging your head against the desk!
  • Learning from the best. I’ve been programming for 15 years and have yet to encounter a coding problem that I cannot solve. During the coaching, I will show you the mental models that I use to solve coding problems. As you apply them yourself, you will soon be able to solve any problems on your own and will develop your products 10x faster.

Improved learning

Learn 10x faster

With me as your coach, you will learn 10x faster than on your own. This is how we will accelerate your learning:

  • Pair programming. You and I will work on your code together on a call, and I will explain the mental models that I use for solving coding problems. As we apply them to the specific problems you are facing, you will start internalizing them and will apply them when you’re coding alone. You will soon be able to build amazing products on your own.
  • Learning repeatable processes. While we are working on your product together, I will show you repeatable processes for tackling any coding problems you face, e.g. fixing bugs or adding new features. Over time, you will start applying them when you’re coding on your own and you will be able to solve increasingly more difficult problems alone.
  • Personalized explanations. Programming concepts can be hard to understand. I’ll break them down in simple terms and answer any programming questions you have — 100% personalized to your specific product and goals. Thereby, you will quickly understand all relevant concepts for building your product.
  • Guidance on what to learn. There is a mind-blowing amount of programming concepts, languages and frameworks which you can learn. This can be overwhelming. I will help you figure out what to focus on and what to ignore for now so that you launch your product fast.

Quicker launch

Launch weeks faster

Together, we will launch your product weeks faster. This is how we will speed up your launch:

Screenshot of ReTwitCareers, a job board made by my client Rohun Jauhar
ReTwit Careers, real estate job board by my client Rohun Jauhar
  • Saving time during development. We will cut down on the time that it takes you to develop features, and we will fix bugs faster together than you would on your own. Product development will be sped up significantly. As a result, you will be able to launch your product weeks earlier.
  • Pointing out shortcuts. Often, there are many ways to solve a problem and speed comes down to finding the fastest one. Furthermore, you can often cut corners early in the product cycle by strategically leaving certain things out. I’ll happily point out shortcuts, saving you weeks leading up to your launch.
  • Resolving any blockers. When developing your first product, the biggest delays come from unexpected challenges that arise during development. Whenever you are stuck, we will get on a call and unblock you quickly, allowing you to launch your product without delays.

Within a month of working with Niklas, I was able to launch two separate products. He saves me a lot of time, and I learn much faster.

Real estate mogul, founder of JT Capital and ReTwit Careers

The method

Coaching calls

We will usually have 2 one-hour coaching calls per week. This is how we will use our time effectively:

You bring a list of problems you’d like to solve.
These are usually things that were hard for you to solve on your own.
We solve them together.
I guide you through finding the solution, answer any questions you have and show you processes for solving similar problems in the future.
We plan out the next steps.
At the end of a call, we create a detailed implementation plan for the next thing you’d like to build so that you can work on it between our calls.


About me

I am Niklas, live in Berlin and am happy to help you with your projects. Here is some information about me:

Founder and software developer.
Passionate about building amazing software products that drive revenue.
Have been coding for 15 years.
Self-taught at the age of 10, continuously improving my skills.
Have worked on every kind of product.
Web applications, mobile and desktop apps, operating systems, and more.
Have worked with all common languages.
Plus, I’m quick to adapt to new programming languages and frameworks.
Portrait of Niklas Wenzel

Learned to code

At age 10, I taught myself to code and wrote my first computer program.

Book offer

At age 16, I was offered a book publishing contract on Android Development.

US offer

At age 17, a company offered to fly me out to the US for their in-person sprint.

Conference talk

At age 18, I spoke at a conference and maintained apps preinstalled on phones.

First business

At age 20, I started my first software business and learned a lot from it.

Commercial success

At the age of 24, I launched the first product that hit 4 figures in revenue.

Coaching calls
Hours of coaching
Hours of client time saved

Let’s save you 10 hours a week

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