Project List

A non-exhaustive list of projects I have worked on in 15 years of coding.

Project When Description Tech What happened?
Megahit 2023 Audience insights to sell newsletter ads TypeScript, React, Electron Happy users :)
Terminal Tutor 2023 Interactive site to learn the terminal TypeScript, React Used by universities and schools
Terminal Temple 2023 Online terminal simulator TypeScript, React Actively used
BrainDuo 2023 B2B site like Terminal Tutor for learning ChatGPT TypeScript, React, Node.js, OpenAI API No demand, shut down
Mostly Ice Cream 2023 - today Companion page for the Mostly metrics newsletter HTML, CSS Going strong …
CheckoutBreeze 2022 - today Chrome extension to automate Shopify test purchases JavaScript Used by 50+ weekly active users
Handclaps 2021 - 2022 Video editor for hip hop producers C++, Qt/QML $4,000 revenue, shut down
Logograb 2022 Chrome extension for finance professionals JavaScript Shut down
Tanzfinder 2020 - 2022 Web app for finding dance partners during COVID TypeScript, React, Node.js, PostgreSQL Shut down (this website) 2020 - today My personal website HTML, TailwindCSS Going strong …
Guardian 2020 Website uptime checker TypeScript, React, Node.js, PostgreSQL Unreleased, but working
E-commerce sites 2019 - 2020 Worked on e-commerce sites with millions of users as a dev PHP, React, TypeScript, GraphQL Millions of users on the sites
AR game 2019 - 2020 Augmented reality game for children React Native, TypeScript Unfinished, COVID killed its viability
Website builder 2018 - 2019 Landing page builder (my first commercial release) JavaScript, Node.js, Vue, MongoDB Failed at marketing, shut down
oandbackup 2018 Contributed bug fixes Java, Android Pull requests merged
Affiliate tool 2017 Service to increase Amazon affiliate revenue JavaScript, Node.js, React Unfinished, Amazon released a similar solution
Language learning app 2017 App for refugees to learn German React Native Co-founder breakup
Zen Launcher 2017 Minimalist Android launcher Java, Android A friend used it for years
Notes app 2017 Notes app for Android Java, Android I used it for years
mock-res 2017 Contributed a new feature for unit testing JavaScript, Node.js Pull requests merged
Firefox Focus 2017 Contributed a privacy issue fix Java, Android Pull request merged
passport-local-mongoose 2017 Contributed bug fixes JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB Pull requests merged
Signal Messenger 2016 - 2017 Contributed Android unit test fixes Java, Android App used by 100M+ users
Soccer agent 2016 Autonomous RoboCup agent for a university class Java Got the best possible grade
Ubuntu Phone core apps 2015 Maintained apps preinstalled on thousands of phones C++, Qt/QML, JavaScript Canonical offered to fly me to the US, listed as top developer
Ubuntu Phone OS 2015 Contributed to the operating system parts of Ubuntu for Phones Go, C++, Qt/QML Won a contest for outstanding technical contribution
Conference talk 2015 Gave a talk at a developer conference PowerPoint Had very interesting conversations
Forum Browser 2014 - 2015 Ubuntu Touch app for using online forums Qt/QML, JavaScript Officially featured as "App of the Week", API was shut down
Cantata 2014 - 2015 Ubuntu Phone port of the music player app C++, Qt/QML Shut down
Reading support app 2015 Software to read books in huge letters on a TV Qt/QML Unreleased, but working
Tox client for Ubuntu Phone 2015 Chat app using the Tox protocol C++, Qt/QML Working MVP
Ubuntu SDK for Android devs 2015 Book I started writing C++, Qt/QML Unfinished
uReadIt 2015 Contributed bug fixes Qt/QML, JavaScript Pull requests merged
QtCreator Ubuntu SDK plugin 2015 Contributed build process optimizations Make Pull requests merged
Discerning Duck 2015 Contributed a usability enhancement C++ Pull request merged
Fahrplan 2015 Contributed a bug fix Qt/QML Pull request merged
ubuntu-go-qml-template 2014 - 2015 Ubuntu Touch app template Go, Qt/QML Used by other developers
Gmail for Ubuntu Phones 2014 - 2015 Proof of concept: Gmail app for Ubuntu Phone Go, Qt/QML Working POC
Social network 2014 School project: built our own social network PHP, HTML, CSS Got the best possible grade
DynamicShareActionProvider 2013 - 2014 Android library for social sharing Java, Android 230+ Github stars
Logviewer Ubuntu app 2014 Contributed UX and UI improvements CMake, C++, Qt/QML Pull request merged
uTorch 2014 Contributed UI improvements Qt/QML Pull request merged
Trojita 2014 Contributed usability improvements C++, Qt/QML Pull requests merged
SharedFolderChat 2013 Chat app utilizing our school network Java The school banned my app 😄
LinkCreator 2013 Android app to move apps to external SD cards Java, Android Used it myself
Transparent Widget 2013 Transparent Android lockscreen widget Java, Android Got real users
Android tutorials 2013 Published various Android development tutorials Java, Android Was offered a book deal, featured in online publications
Traffic simulation 2013 Traffic simulation using cellular automata Java Presented the software at an event
ShowcaseView 2013 Contributed various features and bug fixes Java, Android Pull requests merged
Pocket Code 2013 Contributed copy/paste functionality Java, Android Changes released to millions of users
Scale King 2012 Windows software for guitar players Delphi / Turbo Pascal Unreleased, but working
Minecraft clone 2012 2D minecraft clone for Android, built with a friend Java, Android My friends played it
BOSS Guitar Pedal Demo 2011 - 2012 Guitar pedal demo app that I tried to sell to BOSS Java, Android No response to my outreach
Physics simulations 2011 - 2012 Physics simulations for national science competitions Python Came in 2nd nationwide
Gem Miner Savegame Admin 2011 Android app to get additional world slots in a Gem Miner Java, Android Used it myself
City Guide 2011 City guide Android app for my childhood home town Java, Android Unfinished
Geography game 2011 Game about the Middle East (for a school presentation) Delphi / Turbo Pascal Teacher didn't want to play it :(
Soccer game 2010 2D penalty shoot-out game Python Had fun
2D fighting game 2010 2D fighting game like Super Smash Bros Python Had fun
Various little games and programs 2007 - 2011 I regret deleting their source code Delphi / Turbo Pascal, Python Learnt programming
Math games 2007 Developed simple math games Delphi / Turbo Pascal Learnt programming

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